Welcome to the New ChemScrapes

Welcome to the new look ChemScrapes! You know, sometimes it is just easier to start from scratch - so after many years of using Blogger, I have decided to move to something a little more customisable to allow me to more easily separate out cartoons under the same domain name. The idea is that this will lead to easier navigation rather than a single massive archive list. Please feel free to browse the new-look site and stay tuned for more changes in future.

Before there was ChemScrapes

In the days before ChemScrapes, an ACS publication called Chemical Innovation published some early cartoons. Archives of Chemical Innovation are still available on the web - here are a bunch of cartoons from the old days which ACS owns the copyright on:

Risky Business

- "I've gone through the scenarios you suggested, identified all the potential hazards and put them into a risk assessment matrix. Carpet burn, STDs, back injury.......not to mention a significant choking hazard! Look, unless you can get this down to medium there's definitely no action tonight."