Please Explain - Bedtime Blues

This one is simply an exercise in layers of irony. The age-old scenario of "Not tonight dear, I have a headache" played out by ibuprofen (a.k.a. neurofen, right) and aspirin (left). Obviously, a good dose of ibuprofen is not on the cards tonight. Now that ChemScrapes is finally getting some attention, peer review has started to creep in. In the old days, I never got feedback on the cartoons because they simply didn't get seen. As a result, mistakes used to creep in. Recently on Twitter and separately on Instagram, two people independently pointed out that the structure of aspirin was incorrect in the cartoon. Both quipped "no wonder she has a headache". The corrected version appears be

Please Explain - Augmentined Reality

With Pokemon GO creating a wave of outdoor activity as folks immerse themselves in augmented reality, I pondered if there was potentially a chemical equivalent that could be developed for teaching purposes. Paul Bracher (blogger name: ChemBark) had similar thoughts and suggested Pokemon ORGO, where augmented reality could be used to catch various functional groups, presumably to link this to reactivity and other properties. The possibilities to use this technology as a teaching tool for chemistry are very exciting and I really hope some clever person out there does it. Anyway, whilst sitting in an airport recently, I wondered what molecules would be funny if they popped up in a Pokemon GO-