Brendan Burkett is a PhD graduate from the Australian National University and works as a research scientist in Singapore, where he lives with his wife and two children.  He started cartooning as a teenager, documenting the antics of the many household pets from across the food chain and their never-ending quest to eat each other. As an undergraduate student Brendan turned his attention to drawing terrible chemistry puns, which ultimately led to him being a regular contributor to the ACS publication Chemical Innovation from 1998 until it ceased production in 2001.  Following postdoctoral stints at the University of Southampton and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Brendan moved to an academic position at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand where he developed a range of cartoons in support of teaching materials.



ChemScrapes was established as a "proper" home for Brendan's cartoons at the end of 2007 following encouragement from Emeritus Professor Brian Halton, who also came up with the name. Since then, ChemScrapes has appeared sporadically in Chemistry in AustraliaChemistry in New Zealand, the Syrris newsletter and in numerous presentations on request.  In 2017, ChemScrapes and Chemical and Engineering News teamed up to produce Sketch Chemistry, a regular panel appearing in the magazine.