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ChemScrapes Collaborations

Every now and then the stars align where there is an opportunity to collaborate on projects for fun! See below for some of the projects taken on with members of the chemistry community. 



The Periodic Bagel Podcast Logo

It's a bagel, it's a periodic table.  It's a Periodic Bagel! Designed with and for @Chemjobber and @AlexFGoldberg for their short, but awesome stint as podcasters.


Sons of ChemTwitter

In the days (before 'X') where ChemTwitter was a vibrant place for chemists to hang out, Scott Bagely (@BagPhos) approached me and suggested we could have an edgy avatar for the community.  We brainstormed up this template based on "Sons of Anarchy", where people could add a location name to their avatar.  The benzene reaper is holding a round bottom flask , a flash chromatography column, and has a gas manifold behind its head. Scott is still using this today!    

LC2  vivid.png


Ivory Towers

This collaboration with LC Campeau (@DrLCSquare) and Dani Schultz was for an opinion piece in Nature Chemistry on the challenges of industry and academic collaboration. It was a lot of fun brainstorming dialogue on this one.  We even turned it into a caption competition.  A collection of some of the original ideas, and captions recieved from the chemistry community can be seen here (or click on the image). 


Article Link: 



Another collaboration with LC Campeau and Dani Schultz, this time also with Matt Horwtiz for Organic Letters for an article they wrote about podcasting in chemistry.  This one was a lot of fun and the image plays with different length scales in a ridiculous scene. 

Article link:

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Book of Adamantane Puns

A spontaneous collabration with Subha Das that arose from an exchange on ChemTwitter over a couple of adamantane puns. Over a two week period we came up with as many adamantane puns that could be drawn, and put it into a free e-book (hosted on this site). Even our kids were involved!

Check it our here or by clicking the image.

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