"I told you not to play so roughly! Now.....sweep up your brother and put him in the recycling bin."


- Despite their obvious displeasure, Howard never regretted his decision to have his tubes tied.

Not going with the flow....

- Your "laminar mixing" is not welcome 'round these parts! If you have any sense, you'll turn around and haul that square arse of yours out of here.

Failed States

Franky fluorescene fails to reach an excited state - I don't understand. This has never happened to me before!


Alan gets caught cheating on his wife. - AHA! I knew it!!

I didn't do it!

A long time ago, in an attempt to see if any of the ChemScrapes cartoons are getting hits, I just googled "chemistry cartoons" under image search. Sadly, none of the cartoons from this site came up. Surprisingly, what did come up where a couple of cartoons published in a magazine a number of years back. One of these cartoons is shown below along with the caption - which contained a typo. Seeing this brought back the horror I felt seeing it in print for the first time. Of course it is meant to read "supramolecular chemistry" - not "supermolecular chemistry". This actually appeared in the final edition of the magazine, so there was never any scope for a correction. And so, 14 years down th

The purrr-fect crime?

It had all gone according to plan - no witnesses, no clues. Then, as he pushed his owner's body into a shallow grave, it suddenly dawned on Frisky that he didn't know how to use the can opener.

Mobile site up and running

A mobile optimised site is now available for a (hopefully) better user experience. Not all the features are available, but it is a bit cleaner now.

Please Explain

Obviously a lot of what goes on ChemScrapes is for a limited audience. Below is a cartoon that was drawn for universal appeal..."Not tonight dear, I have a headache." But who gets it? I am not even sure all chemists would get it. - Not tonight dear, I have a terrible headache! On the left is O-acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin). On the right is ibuprofen...........the drug that every parent knows about when the paracetamol doesn't do the job. It is at least ironic, if not funny.

Genetic Disorder - Failed Abuse

I have tried many things to promote ChemScrapes over the years. In the days before I knew what a hashtag was, I used to try to interact directly with prominent folks online. It didn't work, but at least it gave me some fresh material to keep the one or two visitors a month (thanks mum!) to my blog entertained. The cartoon below is an example of one of these instances of failed interaction from 2013. It was drawn in response to a call from Elise Andrew (of I F**king Love Science (IFLS) fame) to insult her in the most imaginative way possible because she was sick of the bad language and threats of mutilation she received in response to her promoting science over religion. I wanted to incorp


This is a fairly topical post after the All Blacks' impressive win last night to secure back-to-back world cup titles. When I was teaching in NZ I was alwyas looking for different ways of getting mechanistic concepts across. Being an Australian in NZ, and a fan of rugby I used the slide below to revise the difference between SN1 and SN2 reations at the start of the second year course. The ball was the leaving group, the guy holding the ball is the electrophile and the tackler was the nucelophile. It usually went down pretty well and got a laugh...even the subtle jibe of the the Kiwis doing the late tackle.