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ChemTwitter Caption Contest

Quite often I just draw randonly and scenes materialise to a point where it looks funny, but I have no idea what the punchline might be. Below is a typical example.

I threw this one open to ChemTwitter to make a competetion out of it. Here is what was submitted.

Check back for updates:

@dr_benomycin: "Now kids... I've never told you this before... but your mother was a flat-bottomed flask."

@nehakumar0926: PI explaining things to curious undergraduate interns.

@VRBoombatzMDPhD: "And when the lights came back on... his insides were *coated with black tar*!!!"

@MartinStoermer: “Whatever you do kids, don’t look in the bucket in the cupboard under the sink.”

@sciencenotscary: "And then NaOMe heard the whistling sounds of a rush of moist air coming!"

@ndchiappini: "Where has Florence gone????"

@SJDJ: “Remember kids, you are round bottomed flasks. Don’t let anyone assume you are spherical.

@DavePalmerUSask: “Now you have to remember, kids, in those days they still used Bunsen burners…” (Gasps)


“…and all the grad students and all the post-docs couldn't put Roundy back together again."

"...and after all that, the product turned to skatole!"

"Two azides walk into a bar..."

@polymerreaction: "...and then I saw how he tried to add a stirrer bar that was thaaaaaaat long"

@stommepoes: "Remember, kids: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." (old nasty dad joke, I know, I know)

@Vy_Dong_Group: "In flow chemistry, a chemical reaction is run in a continuously flowing stream…”

@TMS25720281: "…So Goldilocks siad the 24/40 was just right."

Big Flask ‘I didn’t hide anything, I transferred everything to you :(’

small one on the right‘No product! Hurry up and condensed the other fractions!’

small bottles on the left ‘I don’t want to grow up’

@MKLakshman: "Now, we need to talk about where little round-bottomed flasks come from"

@mandler_michael: Azide barfight

@Gagankukreja7: "Wake up, Rise and Shine. Let's be part of the "Solution". Chemists are waiting!!!!"

@SPCummings85: "Oh no! They're 19/22"


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